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Willie Nelson general Store Southern Moonshine Jelly Willie Nelson General Store Scuppernong Preserves
Nothing like a little moonshine with your toast or biscuit! This specialty jelly is custom made for us in the hills of North Carolina where they know a little bit about moonshine.

Very tasty and popular and yes, it does, contain a bit of real moonshine whiskey!

This is a 18 ounce jar.
So what's a scuppernong you ask? Well, you must not be from the south!

The scuppernong is a large variety of muscadine (type of grape) native to the South. It's usually greenish or bronze color and similar in texture to a white grape but larger and rounder and is known as the "big white grape".

It just also happens to be the State fruit of North Carolina where these preserves are made for us.

This is a 18 ounce jar.